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hey, i'm new!


First Name: Darian (pronounced Dare-ee-in)

Website: i have none...


Where did you hear about this community?: i was searching the 'interests' list for pink ties

Favorite AFI song: Clove Smoke Catharsis

Favorite AFI cd: Black Sails

Favorite color (haha optional): black and red i guess...i like grey too...

Will you abide by the rules?: of course! i'm a good little girl!

a little bit about you: i'm female. i live in georgia. i've only seen afi in concert once. davey is my god. i play guitar and sing. i listen to almost any kind of music beside polka, classical, and country ( you kind of HAVE to listen to hip hop and rap when you live in this part of georgia). i think that's it...i really love afi. there, thats it! :)
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